Intern Evaluations


You will need to know how to do a procedure, as well as the preparation, indications, contra-indications, and alternatives.

Case Study

You will need to manage the patientfrom pre-opertive period throught the operation and post-operative care

Written Test

There will be a written paper at the end of your rotation to assess your knowledge of drugs, dosages, emergencies, ventilators etc.


Print out the intern discussions sheet and get all your discussions signed off.

You must complete each evaluation

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Airway Management

You will be asked about the theory of airway management, the different ways and devices used to protect and control an airway.  You will have to demonstrate how and when to use each technique, and will be asked to demonstrate your ability to do so.

Regional Anaesthesia

You will need to show that you understand the benefits and disadvantages of regional anaesthesia, as well as the indications and contra-indications.  you should be able to describe the anatomy of the spine, and the side effects of anaesthetising it.  You will also have to demonstrate that you are able to perform a spinal anaesthetic in an ASA 1 elective case.

Machine Check

You will be asked to prepare a theatre for a theatre list, including drawing up drugs and getting the room ready for surgery.  You will also have to check the anaesthetic machine for errors or faults.

Case Study

You will be assessed on your management of an ASA 1 patient for elective surgery.  The assessment will cover the entirety of the anaesthetic involvement in the patients care.

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