We are a group of committed anaesthetists passionate about teaching and offering the best anaesthetic service we can in a resource restricted environment.


We believe all people are created equal, and should be treated as such.  In South Africa, due to multiple factors, there is a disparage between the quality of health care offered to those who can afford medical insurance, and those who can't. We would like to reduce this gap by offering the best anaesthetic care to the less privileged in our society.  This is done by constant teaching and training of junior doctors, and procuring high quality medical equipment for the state sector of health care.

We train doctors from all over the Northern Cape so that they can return to their rural hospitals more competent and confident in their ability to offer an  anaesthetic service.  We also balance the need to continue surgery when needed with the ability to do so in a resource restricted environment without dropping healthcare standards.

We understand your training needs.


We would like to see a 24 hour state of the art anaesthesia service in every district of the Northern Cape.  

We would like to train junior doctors to be ethical and excellent in their work

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